iGram : Anonymous Instagram Viewer and Video Downloader


What is iGram as iganony?

iGram is an iganony web app that helps you view publicly shared profiles anonymously. You can use this app for free. There is no need to log in to your Instagram account or install any other apps or extensions to watch Instagram Stories anonymously.

How to Use iGram for Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer:

  • Go to Instagram App or Website.
  • Copy the link or name of the profile you want to view anonymously.
  • Visit the iGram website and paste the copied name or profile link, then press the search button.

iGram Free Services

While using the iGram app, you can view the following publicly shared content on iGram Navigtions.:

Profile Picture Viewer:

iGram provides you the convenience to anonymously view Instagram profiles. In this, you can see the user’s shared profile picture.

Instagram Storie Viewer:

iGram allows you to view any of your friend’s publicly shared stories without notifying them. This tool provides you with this service without requiring you to log in to Instagram.

Instagram Reel Viewer:

In the online market, there are many tools introduced to show you reels, but for that, you have to pay monthly or annual charges. However, iGram is the only app that helps you watch Instagram reels for free.

Profile Analyzer:

Using the iGram app, you can check the count of a user’s followers, following, stories, and posts along with their profile.

These features make iGram a comprehensive App for enhancing the Instagram experience, offering users a range of functionalities beyond simple anonymously IG Viewer.

How Does iGram Work?

Legal Considerations:

You can use iGram as an anonymous Instagram stories viewer very easily, but you must abide by iGram’s Terms and Conditions while using it. iGram app can only be used for those profiles that are publicly shared and where the sharer has given permission for the public to view. iGram is designed by keeping in mind the policies of Google and Instagram. Its use is limited to viewing information available on profiles only. iGram does not grant you permission to share any content for personal use or on any other profile. Therefore, you should always respect copyright laws, check for permission granted information, and refrain from sharing or reusing obtained information.

Why to use iGram

IgAnony Viewer?Usually, when you log into your Instagram account, you can see publicly shared videos, stories, reels, albums, etc. from your friends. But when you watch stories or videos shared by others, they can see a list of who has viewed their content. However, with the help of iGram, you can anonymously view publicly shared Instagram stories, videos, reels, and albums of your friends without them knowing.

iGram Quality FeaturesThese features make iGram a comprehensive App for enhancing the Instagram experience, offering users a range of functionalities beyond simple anonymously IG Viewer.

Features of iGram

Safe and Private

​iGram is a safe web application that allows you to easily view your friends’ Instagram stories in secret, without them knowing.

No External App Required

You don’t need to install any costly online software or extensions. All the features are available within the iGram app.

No Login Account Require

Even if you don’t have an Instagram account, you can still use this app.

Free of Charge

We have designed this app while considering the user’s needs, and you don’t need to pay any charges to use it. It’s completely free of cost.


This is a web-based app that can be used on any type of device, whether you have a mobile phone, iPad, or laptop.

Easy to Use

iGram is very easy to use any savvy person can use iGram as this is web based app and also user friendly.

Can iGram be used on any device?

Yes, absolutely. iGram is a web-based app that can be used on any device. You can use it on your mobile, PC, laptop, or iPad. Just open your browser and type the link iGram.life to open the website.

Can i Download Instagram Profile and Stories using iGram?

iGram has been designed specifically for viewing profiles and stories anonymously, allowing you to view them privately. iGram does not permit you to use any profile data for personal use or share it on any other platform, as this is illegal. iGram has been created in accordance with the privacy policies.

Do I need an Instagram account to view stories?

No, the biggest advantage of iGram is that you do not need to log in to your Instagram account. You can anonymously view pictures and stories from any public profile without logging in.

Can I see private profile stories?

Absolutely not. You cannot do anything against the privacy policy, and this app does not give you permission to view or download private content.